The Weather Screwed Us

Hi All!

Bryan and I just ended a 12-day road trip of the South Island! We drove miles and miles and should have seen a ton, but looking back I feel we saw very little. That’s because the weather stunk! Out of the 12 days, we had 2 gorgeous bluebird days not a cloud in the sky, 2 okay days with high clouds but with lots and lots of wind, and the rest of it was shit, either pouring rain or low laying clouds obscuring any view.

The South Island is the island of New Zealand that everyone raves about. It has the sky scraping spiky mountains, rivers of glaciers, and untouched land. We had planned a road trip to a few of the National Parks where we would spend quality time hiking, taking pictures and enjoying our time. We were both geared up to see the things we have been hearing so much about.

The first full day of the road trip was one of our two gorgeous bluebird days, and from the weather forecast, we last saw read that it was supposed to be okay weather all week long where we were heading. But that forecast did not last long. By day two we were rained out.  The mountains and the glaciers we come to see were not visible through the clouds. But we were on the west coast (the part of New Zealand known to be rainy) so we tried making lemonade out of lemons and drove to the other side of the mountains, hoping that the rain shadow the mountains create would give us some better weather. But to no avail we were rained out there also.  And this is how our road trip played out. Running from the weather, until we finally just put up with it. We did have one last bluebird day, the day we returned our rental car.

We did see a tremendous amount of the South Island in a short amount of time. And as Bryan keeps saying to me “I get plenty of mountains at home” (can you name the movie where that quote is from? Just substitute beef for mountains). We were rained out a lot but still had great experiences, which you will hear about in coming posts!

Have you had a road trip of vacation that was ruined by the weather?

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